Absolutely No One Can Solve This Difficult General Knowledge Quiz

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Q1:  What is Tiger Wood's real first name?

Q2:  Finnish hard rock band Lordi won in 2006. What was the name of the song?

Q3:  Which Archie character wore a crown beanie and loved hamburgers?

Q4:  What sort of stylistic device is used in 'sing a song of sixpence'?

Q5:  In 2010, Beyonc√© made history by being the first female artist to win how many Grammys in one evening?

Q6:  In which sport was Geoffrey Boycott a noted exponent?

Q7:  The Blue Whale, the biggest creature on the planet, has the longest penis, how long is it to the nearest foot?¬†

Q8:  What part of its body does a butterfly use to taste?

Q9:  Why do we have eyebrows?

Q10:  I Will Always Love You' sung by Whitney Houston is the best-selling song by a woman in music history. Who wrote it?

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