Absolutely No One Can Solve This Toughest General Knowledge Quiz

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Q1:  What sort of stylistic device is 'forward retreat'?

Q2:  Which manufacturer of dental care products claims to be 'the brand more dentists use'?

Q3:  What is the best-selling Album of all time?

Q4:  The third installment (released 2009) of which film series is subtitled 'Dawn of the Dinosaurs'?

Q5:  What was the name of the dog from The Adventures of Tintin?

Q6:  Who sang Its a Heartache, nothing but a heartache?

Q7:  Which railway station was the first one in London?

Q8:  Hard rocker and former AC/DC frontman Brian Johnson used to be in which glam group?

Q9:  Which pope divided the world between Portugal and Spain?

Q10:  Who released the 70's album entitled Autobahn

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