Ace The Toughest General Knowledge Quiz

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Q1:  Which fruit is associated with the greek goddess Aphrodite?

Q2:  Which colour eyes do the majority of humans have?

Q3:  Which religion is nontheistic (belief in no gods)?

Q4:  Which famous girl band did Victoria Beckham belong to?

Q5:  Who released the 70's album entitled Transformer

Q6:  Who released the 70's album entitled Selling England by the Pound

Q7:  Which well known brand uses the motto 'Just Do It'?

Q8:  Sporty', 'Baby', 'Ginger', 'Scary' and 'Posh', are collectively known as?

Q9:  Pedophobia is a fear of?

Q10:  In mythology who fired the arrow that struck Achilles in his heel?

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