Amazingly No One Can Beat This Toughest General Knowledge Quiz

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Q1:  In what year did Roger Bannister run the 4 minute mile?

Q2:  Who is the Patron Saint of Spain?

Q3:  Which Branch of Science is the study of sound?

Q4:  If you exhibit wounds that correspond to the wounds of Christ, precisely what are you experiencing?

Q5:  How many months of the year end with the letter Y?

Q6:  In the Bible, who is the eldest son of David?

Q7:  Which fellow singer was Roberta Flack paying tribute to in her song 'Killing Me Softly

Q8:  Chronomentrophobia is a fear of?

Q9:  Which country is ruled by a single dynasty for more than two thousand years?

Q10:  Golf player Vijay Singh belongs to which country?

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