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Q1:  There is a saying which you know. What is it specifically 'in time' that 'saves nine'?

Q2:  Who released the 70's album entitled Reggatta de Blanc

Q3:  Bowie launched his Ziggy Stardust stage show in 1972. What was Ziggy's band called?

Q4:  Thomas Edison demonstrated the electric light for the first time in what year?

Q5:  What is a cardinal tetra?

Q6:  What constellation is sometimes referred to as 'the archer'?

Q7:  What are Chubby Hubby, Half-Baked and Vermonty Python?

Q8:  Pogonophobia is a fear of?

Q9:  For which Sweden-born actress/singer did Elvis Presley purchase a round, hot pink bed as a gift?

Q10:  Which fictional detective has an efficient secretary named Miss Lemon and manservant named Georges?

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