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Q1:  What does a normal Human Being have 206 of?

Q2:  What's the link between the aircraft (Concorde) and a song by the UK band Oasis?

Q3:  Which stormy couple had a hit with Nutbush City Limits?

Q4:  Which day of the week do Seventh-Day Adventists observe as the Sabbath day?

Q5:  Which of these is not a type of cloud?

Q6:  What does the acronym EFL mean?

Q7:  Who directed the second Star Wars film, Empire Strikes Back?

Q8:  Charlie Chaplin Died On Christmas Day In 1977, How Old Was He When He Died

Q9:  Ornithophobia is a fear of?

Q10:  What did George Lucas give Prince in return for playing at his wedding?

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