Can You Ace The Ultimate Tricky General Knowledge Quiz?

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Q1:  What name is given to the technique of growing only one type of crop in a field?

Q2:  What supernatural movie comedy features the line 'He slimed me'?

Q3:  Who was the first Pole to become a Pope?

Q4:  In what year did Steve Davis win the World Snooker Championship?

Q5:  What symbol is used for the category 'live theatre' on the Hollywood Walk of Fame?

Q6:  A fair coin is flipped 3 times. What is the probability that the last flip came up heads?

Q7:  In what year was Fred Astaire born?

Q8:  Benidorm and Alicante are situated on which of the Spanish 'costas'?

Q9:  Quito is the capital of?

Q10:  Verminophobia is a fear of?

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