Even A Genius Can’t Solve The Impossible General Knowledge Quiz

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Q1:  In which 1970's films does Dustin Hoffman play the character ' Lenny Bruce'?

Q2:  Which island was an inspiration for Gaugain's most famous pictures?

Q3:  First China War was fought between?

Q4:  In which film it is said, “Some dreams come true. Some don’t. Keep on dreaming.”?

Q5:  If something is described as being antediluvian, what is it?

Q6:  Which tennis legend from Switzerland won the 2009 French Open Championship in men's singles?

Q7:  The Houston Astrodome was opened in what year?

Q8:  Ex tv detective, turned crooner. Who sang Silver Lady?

Q9:  A Tsunami is a?

Q10:  When is the Feast Day of St. Francis Xavier?

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