Even A Genius Can’t Solve This Impossible General Knowledge Quiz

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Q1:  Which disease is caused by a species of rhabdovirus and leads to the inability to drink water?

Q2:  What Is The More Common Name Of The Large, Odd Looking Bird Variously Called Boatbill Or Whalebill

Q3:  Which Mike Myers comedy film did BeyoncĂ© star in?

Q4:  Leo the Lion was the mascot for which film studio?

Q5:  Lome is the capital of?

Q6:  Which river joins Ganga at Allahabad?

Q7:  How many lines are there in a standard sonnet?

Q8:  A mule is the offspring of?

Q9:  What is the most expensive property in British Monopoly?

Q10:  In which English county is the ancient monument Stonehenge?

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