Even A Genius Can’t Solve This Tough General Knowledge Quiz

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Q1:  Which Ocean is the largest by size?

Q2:  Which flowers inspired William Wordsworth's poem I Wandered Lonely as a Cloud?

Q3:  The Greek goddess of love, beauty, and desire is?

Q4:  What is the capital of Saudi Arabia?

Q5:  What is the name of the phobia in which the individual suffers from a fear of hair?

Q6:  Who did New Zealand defeat in the 2011 Rugby World Cup final?

Q7:  Old Blighty' is the nickname of which European country?

Q8:  With regard to tools, for what is a 'tap and die' set used?

Q9:  Which product must be excluded from the diet of people with Ceoliac disease?

Q10:  Pyongyang is the capital of which Asian country?

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