Geniuses Can’t Beat This Difficult General Knowledge Quiz

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Q1:  Approximately how much is Kayne West worth?

Q2:  How much is BeyoncĂ© estimated to be worth?

Q3:  Which of these popular beliefs about dogs is not true?

Q4:  What is BeyoncĂ©'s clothing line called?

Q5:  For what film did Frank Sinatra win an Academy Award for Best Supporting Actor?

Q6:  Of what are 'Tide', 'Surf' and 'Dreft' brand names in the UK?

Q7:  What was the nickname of the silver-screen singing cowboy and father to the late actor John Ritter?

Q8:  Who released the 70's album entitled All Mod Cons

Q9:  Who released the 70's album entitled Cosmo's Factory

Q10:  Dendrophobia is a fear of?

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