How Much About Heavy Metal Do You Know?

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Q1:  Ozzy Osbourne was lead singer in which heavy metal band?

Q2:  Rockers Iron Maiden have their own aircraft. What is it called?

Q3:  Which of the following have NOT been the singer for Deep Purple?

Q4:  Canadian rockers Rush had a massive hit in 1980. What was it called?

Q5:  Rock guitar maestro Michael Schenker paled in which heavy rock group?

Q6:  Ex Deep Purple guitarist Richie Blackmore had a hit with the song "Since You've Been Gone". What was the year?

Q7:  Complete the title of this 1986, Metallica album. "Master of..."?

Q8:  The Blue Oyster Cult were previously called?

Q9:  Who played bass for Irish rockers Thin Lizzy?

Q10:  What is the biggest selling heavy metal album al all time?

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