How Much Do You Know About Beyoncé?

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Q1:  What was the name of the R&B girl-group that Beyoncé was lead singer in?

Q2:  How many Grammys did she win in 2003 for her first album "Dangerously in Love"?

Q3:  Beyoncé's third album, released in 2008, introduced the world to her alter ego. What is her name?

Q4:  What is Beyoncé's clothing line called?

Q5:  Who did Beyoncé collaborate with on the song "Beautiful Liar"?

Q6:  Beyoncé's sister is also a successful singer. What is her name?

Q7:  What was the name of the opera shown on MTV starring Beyoncé?

Q8:  Which Mike Myers comedy film did Beyoncé star in?

Q9:  In 2010, Beyoncé made history by being the first female artist to win how many Grammys in one evening?

Q10:  How much is Beyoncé estimated to be worth?

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