How Much Do You Know About David Bowie?

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Q1:  What was David's real name?

Q2:  Bowie's first-ever release was in 1964 under what name?

Q3:  Bowie launched his Ziggy Stardust stage show in 1972. What was Ziggy's band called?

Q4:  Bowie played the Goblin King in which 1986 Jim Henson movie?

Q5:  Bowie joined a band in 1989 called Tin...?

Q6:  Bowie sang on the title track of which 1982 horror film?

Q7:  In 1983, Bowie had a number 1 hit in the UK with " Let's..."?

Q8:  In what 1983 movie did Bowie play a prisoner of war?

Q9:  Who co-wrote Bowie's first US number 1, "Fame" in 1975?

Q10:  Approximately how many records did Bowie sold over his career?

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