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How Much Do You Know About Glam Rock?

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Q1:  This Scottish Glam Rocker fronted a "Sensational" band in the 70s?

Q2:  Glam rockers Sweet had a hit in 1973 with "Ballroom..."?

Q3:  London born leather-clad Alvin Stardust's real name was?

Q4:  Which Glam rock band's biggest hit was "See My Baby Jive"?

Q5:  Hard rocker and former AC/DC frontman Brian Johnson used to be in which glam group?

Q6:  "Shang-A-Lang" was a hit in 1974 for which band?

Q7:  Wolverhampton rockers Slade were originally called?

Q8:  US rock band Sparks was founded by the Mael brothers. What are their names?

Q9:  Iggy Pop had a string of hits in the 70s with his band...?

Q10:  Which glam rock band reformed in 2011 to open for Motley Crue and Poison on their summer tour?

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