How Much Do You Know About Kanye West?

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Q1:  Kayne's name is Swahili. What does it mean?

Q2:  Where was Kayne born?

Q3:  What is Kayne's first album called?

Q4:  Which of the following has Kayne NOT written a song for?

Q5:  Kayne recorded his breakthrough song "Through The Wire" whilst suffering from what?

Q6:  Kayne caused controversy in 2006 by posing for the cover of what magazine whilst wearing a crown of thorns?

Q7:  Who's VMA acceptance speech did Kayne interrupt in 2009?

Q8:  Kayne briefly owned a burger chain in Chicago. What was it called?

Q9:  Which actor featured with Kayne on the 2009 bonus release "Hurricane"?

Q10:  Approximately how much is Kayne West worth?

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