How Much Do You Know About Snoop?

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Q1:  Snoops real name is?

Q2:  Snoop has recently been a guest star in which cult TV comedy?

Q3:  Snoop featured alongside which pop starlet on "California Gurls" in 2010?

Q4:  In 2004, Snoop notched a number 1 single with the song "Drop It Like It's..."?

Q5:  Released in 1993, what was Snoop's first album called?

Q6:  In 2015, Snoop became a minority shareholder in a business called Eaze. What did they do?

Q7:  In 2015, Snoop confessed to Jimmy Kimmel that he once smoked a joint where?

Q8:  In 1992, Snoop wrote one of the songs for which Jeff Goldblum film?

Q9:  Snoop is first cousin to which R&B singer?

Q10:  How many copies of Snoops album "Doggystyle" have been sold?

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