How Much Do You Know About The Eurovision Song Contest?

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Q1:  Where was the first Eurovision Song Contest held?

Q2:  In what year were there 4 tied winners?

Q3:  Which country has the highest number of wins in the contest?

Q4:  Which singer has won the contest more than once?

Q5:  Who was the UKs first winner of the competition?

Q6:  Transgender singer Dana International won the completion in 1998 for which country?

Q7:  There have been 63 Eurovision Song Contests. How many have the UK entered?

Q8:  Which UK act finished with "nul points" in 2003?

Q9:  Finnish hard rock band Lordi won in 2006. What was the name of the song?

Q10:  How many copies of the 1974 Eurovision winning song "Waterloo" did Abba go on to sell?

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