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How Well Do You Know 00s Pop?

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Q1:  UK girl band All Saints had a number 1 hit in February 2000 with the song "Pure..."?

Q2:  Who released a cover version of Don McLean's "American Pie" in 2000?

Q3:  Who featured with Elton John on the 2005 hit "Ghetto Gospel"?

Q4:  Jay-Z, Rihanna and Kanye West teamed up together on what 2009 hit single?

Q5:  US hip hop group The Black Eyed Peas had a world-wide number 1 in 2003 with "Where is the..."?

Q6:  Which band had a hit with "All the Small Things" in 2000?

Q7:  Emo band My Chemical Romance released their third album in 2006. It was called "The Black..."?

Q8:  Who had a hit in 2003 with "Are You Gonna Be My Girl"?

Q9:  Who was the most successful recording artist of the 2000s?

Q10:  Who released their debut album in 2002, entitled "Justified"?

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