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How Well Do You Know 60s Pop?

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Q1:  Former Birds member and pioneer country rock artist Gram Parsons was also in a band called The Flying?

Q2:  "Juliet" was a number 1 hit in 1964 for which English pop group?

Q3:  "How Do You Do It" was a 1963 number 1 for Gerry and the?

Q4:  60s counterculture US band Jefferson Airplane had a worldwide hit in 1967 called "White..."?

Q5:  Which Californian based band had a hit in 1967 with the song "Creeque Alley"?

Q6:  Soul giant Marvin Gaye recorded an album called "Together" in 1964 with?

Q7:  Released in 1965, The Rolling Stones first international number 1 was called "I Can't Get No..."?

Q8:  "Hello Dolly", which charted in 1964 knocking the Beatles from the number 1 spot was recorded by?

Q9:  In 1966, the Beach Boys released the ground-breaking album "Pet..."

Q10:  Which legendary songstress of the 60s sang with Big Brother and the Holding Company?

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