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How Well Do You Know 70s Pop Music?

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Q1:  Name the leather clad songstress Suzi Quatro's second single which was released in 1973?

Q2:  Glam rockers Mud had a massive hit in 1974 with the song Tiger?

Q3:  Marc Bolan was the lead singer and guitarist in which early 70s rock band?

Q4:  Scottish popsters the Bay City Rollers' 1974 hit was called Bye bye?

Q5:  Italian prog rock band Delirium had a hit in 1971 with this song

Q6:  Pioneer Punks The Clash had a hit in 1979 with the song London?

Q7:  The biggest selling live album of the 70s was?

Q8:  US Southern boogie masters Lynyrd Skynyrd were named after?

Q9:  Released in 1974 and selling over 14 million copies worldwide, Seasons in the Sun was a hit for?

Q10:  Which Beatle had the first solo number 1 single after they split?

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