IQ Test: No One Can Smash This Impossible General Knowledge Quiz

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Q1:  Which of these is the largest museum?

Q2:  In art, the 'Pietà' is a Renaissance masterpiece of which sculptor?

Q3:  Iatrophobia is a fear of?

Q4:  What is the longest river in England that runs through England only?

Q5:  Who said 'Think! How the hell are you gonna think and hit at the same time?'

Q6:  Papyrophobia is a fear of?

Q7:  Zoophobia is a fear of?

Q8:  Kayne recorded his breakthrough song 'Through The Wire' whilst suffering from what?

Q9:  Who had a hit with Schools Out in 1972?

Q10:  Which game is played with five players on either side?

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