IQ Test: No One Can Solve This Expert General Knowledge Quiz

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Q1:  Which day is thought to be the 'shortest day' of the year?

Q2:  Who plays Terminator?

Q3:  In a sanctioned soccer match, who normally signals that a player is offside?

Q4:  In Roman mythology who was goddess of the dawn?

Q5:  What is the capital of South Australia

Q6:  In the Simpsons, what is the name of the actress who does the voice over for Maggie Simpson?

Q7:  Who had the number 1 hit 'Maggie May' in 1971?

Q8:  Capital of Belgium?

Q9:  In sociology, Arlie Hochschild is famous for being the author of which book?

Q10:  In which city would you find the International Court of Justice?

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