No One Can Beat This Toughest Name The Year Quiz

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Q1:  In which year was Apollo 13 launched?

Q2:  In what year did 'The Searchers' have a hit record with Sweets for my Sweet?

Q3:  Paper Lace' told Billy not to be a hero in which year?

Q4:  In what year did Steve Davis win the World Snooker Championship?

Q5:  The Salvation Army was founded in what year?

Q6:  Yasser Arafat has been leader of the PLO since what year?

Q7:  Ed Moses won the 400 metre hurdle title in which year?

Q8:  The Color of Money starring Paul Newman was released in this year?

Q9:  In which year did Halley's Comet last pass round the sun?

Q10:  In London when was the first cricket match held at Lords?

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