No One Can Beat This Tricky General Knowledge Quiz

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Q1:  All are Renaissance paintings except one. Which one?

Q2:  For which basketball team did Bill Russel play defensive center?

Q3:  Which children's author wrote Gansta Granny?

Q4:  The Charleston was indroduced in which year?

Q5:  In Greek mythology, what would happen if you looked at Medusa?

Q6:  Elvis Presley Died On August 16th 1977 But Where EXACTLY Was He When He Died

Q7:  What is the Society of Friends, or Friends of the Truth, more commonly known as?

Q8:  Cynophobia is a fear of?

Q9:  In which 1970's films does Dustin Hoffman play the character 'Louis Dega'?

Q10:  What is the name of the most expensive spice in the world?

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