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Q1:  What is 2010 in roman numerals?

Q2:  Which of these is not a metal?

Q3:  Which wild animal is the symbol of the South African Rugby Union team?

Q4:  Prince's full name is?

Q5:  What 'fruity' Hollywood actress was nicknamed 'The Brazilian Bombshell'?

Q6:  Greased Lightnin was taken from the film Grease, but who had chart success with it?

Q7:  Who won seven gold medals in swimming in 1972 Munich Olympics?

Q8:  R2-D2 is one of two characters to appear in all of Star Wars films. Who is the other?

Q9:  What does the acronym FAQ mean?

Q10:  What is the name shared by a country music singer and a MLB player, who pitched a perfect game?

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