No One Can Smash This Toughest General Knowledge Quiz

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Q1:  In what 1983 movie did Bowie play a prisoner of war?

Q2:  Which former One Direction member released songs 'Watermelon Sugar ' and 'Adore You'?

Q3:  The following is a line from which 1970's film My name is.... 'Names is for tombstones baby'?

Q4:  Who had the number 1 hit 'We Can Work It Out' in 1967?

Q5:  Taipei is the capital of?

Q6:  What was the 'attention getting' title of plane crash survivor Helen Klaben's book in 1963?

Q7:  What year did Slash join Guns N'Roses?

Q8:  Who owns a tavern in 'The Simpsons'?

Q9:  U.S. Presidents: In which state did Abraham Lincoln never reside?

Q10:  Which rapper featured on Justin's 2010 hit 'Baby'?

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