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Q1:  Written by Dan Gookin, what was the title of the first 'For Dummies' book?

Q2:  Australia produces over 90% of one of the Earth's semiprecious stones, which one?

Q3:  What does the acronym ABS mean?

Q4:  Which state of USA was once part of Russia?

Q5:  Who won the 2013 Oscar for Best Actor?

Q6:  US rock band Sparks was founded by the Mael brothers. What are their names?

Q7:  Jimmy Stewart, 'Weird Al' Yankovic and I. M. Pei all graduated college with degrees in which field?

Q8:  Kigali is the capital of?

Q9:  Elurophobia is a fear of?

Q10:  What are, 'Chanel No. 5', 'CK One' and 'Clive Christian No. 1'?

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