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Q1:  Who was Dame Margot Fonteyn's Russian ballet partner?

Q2:  When economic activity is in a decline, the economy is said to be in a?

Q3:  In Snooker what is the quickest time recorded for a 147 maximum break?

Q4:  When was Mount Everest first climbed?

Q5:  What was the name of the movie released in 1987, that ran for a staggering 5,220 minutes (87 hrs)?

Q6:  A political system in which there exists two legislative branches or chambers can be called what?

Q7:  For which of the following disciplines is Nobel Prize awarded?

Q8:  The flag of which country has the Star of David?

Q9:  What is the world's oldest currency still in use?

Q10:  In 1983, Bowie had a number 1 hit in the UK with ' Let's...'?

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