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Q1:  Who was the Queen of Spain when the decree was published in 1492 to expel the Jews?

Q2:  What is the fiery name given to the famous Civil War General Sherman's military tactics?

Q3:  What Egyptian Pharaoh traveled - albeit involuntarily - to Paris in 1974?

Q4:  Who established Pennsylvania?

Q5:  In which war was the Avro-Lancaster bomber plane used?

Q6:  What prominent Greek orator overcame a speech handicap by putting stones in his mouth?

Q7:  The Wars of the Roses were fought to control which country's throne?

Q8:  According to legend, what did Archimedes have in common with Lady Godiva?

Q9:  Which country is the republican political party, Sinn Féin, associated with?

Q10:  What is the "spirit" related term used to describe a formerly bustling town that is now abandoned?

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