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Q1:  Which is the only bird in the Chinese Zodiac?

Q2:  Which doctor offered good advice in When Youre In Love With A Beautiful Woman?

Q3:  80s 'Happy Talk' singer Captain Sensible was co-founder of which 70s classic punk band?

Q4:  Which NHL franchise was founded in 1993 by the Disney Company?

Q5:  What is the capital of Luxembourg?

Q6:  Who had a 1990's hit with the song 'Bump N' Grind'?

Q7:  Claustrophobia is a fear of?

Q8:  Before the 12th and 13th century which city was the capital of England?

Q9:  Stalin became known to the western media as Uncle?

Q10:  In Buddhism, what does the Dharma Wheel represent?

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