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Q1:  Which French artist was famous for choosing 'urban underclass' such as prostitutes as models for his paintings?

Q2:  Which planet has the most moons?

Q3:  Prince's film 'Purple Rain' cost $7million to make. How much approximately did it make?

Q4:  Which famous American university is part of Colonial Williamsburg?

Q5:  Ataxophobia is a fear of?

Q6:  Technophobia is a fear of?

Q7:  Canberra is the capital of?

Q8:  How much did Francis Bacon's painting 'Three Studies of Lucian Freud' sold for in Christie's New York, thus claiming the record for highest auction price of a work of art?

Q9:  What do the Canadian province of Saskatchewan and the U.S. state of Arizona have in common?

Q10:  Released in 2009, what is the name of Justin Bieber's first single?

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