Test Your Animal Knowledge With 10 Challenging Questions

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Q1:  Where is the best place to keep a black molly?

Q2:  What type of animal is an ibex?

Q3:  What is herpetology the study of?

Q4:  What breed of dog is named for a set of islands off the coast of Scotland?

Q5:  Which bird is said to hide its head in the sand when in danger?

Q6:  Which animals use baleen instead of teeth as part of their feeding process?

Q7:  Why don't polar bears eat penguins?

Q8:  The name of this bird is an affliction that you don't really want to find on your horse?

Q9:  The narwhal is one of only two species in the Monodontidae family. What is it?

Q10:  What animal known for its colorful face and rump is the world's largest species of monkey?

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