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Test Your Star Wars Knowledge with 10 Forceful Questions

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Q1:  How many Star Wars films have been released to date (August 2019)?

Q2:  What was the title of the first Star Wars movie?

Q3:  Why did George Lucas go on holiday instead of going to the premier of the first Star Wars film?

Q4:  The first Star Wars movie was also the second most attended film of all time in North AmericWhich film have sold more tickets?

Q5:  Which planet is Leia the princess of?

Q6:  Darth Vader is often used as an example of a sufferer of which mental disorder?

Q7:  R2-D2 is one of two characters to appear in all of Star Wars films. Who is the other?

Q8:  What was the studio executives' criticism of Chewbacca?

Q9:  What was Peter Mayhew's job before he got casted as Chewbacca?

Q10:  Who directed the second Star Wars film, Empire Strikes Back?

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