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Q1:  Which actress/actor is NOT a sibling from the famous Arquette family?

Q2:  Mysophobia is a fear of?

Q3:  Who released the 70's album entitled Bitches Brew

Q4:  Who released the 70's album entitled Cant Buy a Trill

Q5:  Pop star Madonna's eldest child shares her name with which Catholic pilgrimage site?

Q6:  In which Olympics did Mark Spitz win seven gold medals?

Q7:  In a standard game of pool which ball is entirely white?

Q8:  Who did BeyoncĂ© collaborate with on the song 'Beautiful Liar'?

Q9:  The Bangles had a number 1 hit in 1987 with the song 'Walk Like...'

Q10:  Which is the capital of Afghanistan?

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