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Q1:  Which British monarch in 20th century was not crowned?

Q2:  How many points is a Bullseye worth in darts?

Q3:  In Which Country Are The Maasai Mara National Reserve & The Serengeti National Park

Q4:  Aerophobia is a fear of?

Q5:  Which Oscar-nominated star of 'Born on the Fourth of July' was actually born on the third of July?

Q6:  Where is Leeds castle?

Q7:  Who sang the theme tune to the James Bond. Movie 'The Spy Who Loved Me

Q8:  Which of the following has Kayne NOT written a song for?

Q9:  In what year did Britain start using the Gregorian calendar?

Q10:  Which Type Of Birds Gather In Their Millions On The Shallow Soda Lakes Of East Africa

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