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Q1:  How many millimetres are there in 3.75 metres?

Q2:  Which actor featured with Kayne on the 2009 bonus release 'Hurricane'?

Q3:  All You Need is Love: To which of The Beatles was Linda Eastman married?

Q4:  Who's VMA acceptance speech did Kayne interrupt in 2009?

Q5:  Bowie's first-ever release was in 1964 under what name?

Q6:  Who released the 70's album entitled Tusk

Q7:  In 1976 which computer company was set up by Steven Jobs and Stephen Wozniak, marketing the first open system machine in 1977?

Q8:  What is the height of the proposed Burj Tower in Dubai?

Q9:  Which organization was founded in 1980 by Candice Lightner?

Q10:  Released in 1978 what were the names of the two gangs which John Travolta and Olivia Newton John belonged to in the movie 'Grease'?

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