We Bet You Can’t Beat This Tough General Knowledge Quiz

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Q1:  What is the official language of Brazil?

Q2:  Ozzy Osbourne was lead singer in which heavy metal band?

Q3:  Which of these is known as little Russia?

Q4:  How many primary colors are there?

Q5:  What were the 'character' names of the 3 lead women of Charlie's Angels?

Q6:  Athens is the capital of?

Q7:  What is the name of the group that had a hit with 'Ruby' in 2007?

Q8:  Which actor played the villain in the 1994 movie 'Speed'?

Q9:  Which Band Were Dropped By Their Label EMI In 1978 On Grounds Of Unacceptable Behavior

Q10:  Beijing is the capital of?

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